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Post-Judgment Modification

North Carolina Family Lawyer Assists with Post-Judgment Modifications

Huntersville attorney facilitates changes to divorce, support and custody orders

Orders addressing custody, child support and alimony are based on the parties’ objectives and the circumstances that exist when the decision is finalized. When a substantial change occurs, however, the terms in those orders might no longer be appropriate or fair. Regardless of how just a revision seems, prior family law litigants are not permitted to make changes on their own. At David Self Family Law and Mediation in Huntersville, I am an experienced North Carolina attorney who represents clients seeking to change a family order as well as parties opposing revisions. From the outset, I’ll explain the standards courts use and guide you through the steps necessary to secure a fair post-judgment modification.

Firm handles changes relating to relocations, illnesses and financial changes

My family law background and the personal attention I provide to each client give divorced spouses the chance to obtain an appropriate modification when a job opportunity, medical condition, financial change or some other important situation arises. I assist parties seeking and defending against revisions in matters relating to:

  • Child custody — Any potential change to child custody could have a significant impact on parent-child bonds. This is particularly true when a custodial parent is compelled to relocate due to a job change, family illness or some other substantial reason. My firm handles modifications to custody and visitation orders pertaining to these events as well as situations where criminal, medical or substance abuse problems might create a danger to the child.
  • Alimony — One of the key factors used to make alimony determinations is the earning ability of each party. When a paying or recipient spouse has a major gain or loss in income, it might affect the suitability of the mandated spousal support payments.
  • Child support — Child support rates are set based on parental income and the amount of time spent in each parent’s home. When these factors change, my firm acts promptly to obtain an appropriate adjustment.

To adjust an order, I can file a Motion to Modify and include all of the relevant supporting information. Whether you’re seeking or opposing a modification, a submission could include reports from family counselors or other experts discussing the potential impact on your child or detailing a change in one party’s financial fortunes.

Contact a proven North Carolina family lawyer to discuss a post-judgment modification

David Self Family Law and Mediation represents divorced clients in North Carolina who need to modify custody or support orders and also handles other proceedings related to divorce. Please call 704-594-5364 or contact me online to schedule a consultation at my office in Huntersville.

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