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Understanding Child Custody and Visitation Rights in North Carolina

Child custody refers to a parent or guardian’s right to have a child in his or her care and to make critical decisions about the child’s life.

Visitation can be defined as a person’s right to spend time with a child, typically on a limited basis and sometimes subject to supervision.

Visitation may also be referred to as parenting time, and custody arrangements may be referred to as parenting plans.

There are different types of custody in North Carolina:

  • Legal custody, the right to make important decisions about the child.
  • Physical custody, the right to have a child in one’s physical care.
  • Sole custody, the right of just one parent to legal and/or physical custody of a child.
  • Joint custody, the right of both parents to share legal and/or physical custody of a child.

Custody may be arranged in different ways. For example, a person may have sole legal and physical custody of a child, parents may share physical custody and one parent may have legal custody, or parents may have joint physical and legal custody.

Finding the right arrangement can make all the difference for a child’s well-being and can lead to a healthier ongoing relationship between parents.

Why Choose Our Huntersville Family Law Attorney for Your Custody Case

Acting in a child’s best interests while preserving their relationship with both parents, if possible, will be the goal of the court – if the court becomes involved.

If parents can reach their own agreement regarding custody and visitation, this provides more flexibility but may be subject to court approval.

Balancing the law with a child’s needs and my client’s goals will be the greatest challenge in a custody case, but with my experience as a family law specialist, I understand how to meet this challenge head on to pursue a workable resolution.

As a Huntersville child custody lawyer, I am here to offer my guidance in your contested or uncontested divorce, separation, or custody matter.

For a personalized custody strategy, call (980) 223-3340 or fill out an online contact form today.

Is NC a Mother or Father State?

The state of NC is neither a mother nor father state. According to North Carolina law, a mother has the same rights as a father. Both parents have equal rights unless one voluntarily gives up their parental responsibilities or the court demands otherwise.

Am I Required to Get a Custody Order?

When parents are no longer together, they are not required to get a custody order, but this can lead to future confusion regarding physical and/or joint custody, and certain parties—such as healthcare providers and schools—may require proof of custody before allowing a parent to make decisions on behalf of a child.

Custody Lawyer Committed to Your Cause

In addition to handling custody matters related to divorce and separation, I have the experience to address complex issues involving fathers’ rights, grandparents’ rights, and custody modifications.

By working closely with you and listening to your concerns, I will work toward the resolution that is best for you and your child or children.

I am also a mediator, meaning I can act as a neutral third party to help you and your spouse or ex-spouse reach a mutually beneficial decision without resorting to the time, expense, and stress typically associated with divorce and custody matters in family court.

Contact (980) 223-3340 for trusted guidance from a Huntersville child custody attorney.

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