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Couple getting divorcedThe end of a marriage is one of the most significant changes a person will experience in his or her life. While there are many negative feelings and connotations associated with the word “divorce,” it can actually signify a new beginning and a fresh start. It all depends on how you approach your divorce and whether you ensure the full protection of your interests and rights through the process.

If you’re considering whether to file for divorce or have already been served divorce papers by your spouse, I can offer my insight and help. As an attorney with extensive divorce and family law experience in North Carolina, I can talk to you about your options and act as your advocate through your divorce, no matter how straightforward or complex, amicable or contested. David Self Law, PLLC is here for you.

Do You Have to Be Separated for a Year to Get a Divorce in NC?

Yes, both parties must be separated for at least one year to get a divorce in NC. In addition, either spouse must reside in North Carolina for at least six months, and if both requirements are met, either person may file for a permanent divorce.

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Divorce: Applicable Laws & Options

In North Carolina, the legal termination of a marriage is called an absolute divorce. There are different ways one can go about ending a marriage, and your approach should vary depending on the circumstances at hand and your goals.

When you contact my office to discuss filing for divorce, we can talk about such issues as:

  • Filing for divorce: You can file for a no-fault divorce in Huntersville, after you have been living separate and apart for at least one year. I can help you with a separation agreement or property settlement during this time, and I can guide you through the divorce process when you’re ready.
  • Contested versus uncontested divorce: Are you and your spouse on good terms? Do you agree on most issues related to your divorce? I handle contested and uncontested divorces for my clients in North Carolina, depending on their needs.
  • Divorce mediation: Disagreements are common in divorces, and mediation offers a way to resolve disputes without battling in court. Mediation can save time, money, and stress by having divorcing spouses discuss their disagreement and work toward a mutually agreeable solution.

Divorce Agreements & Settlements

In a divorce, you may have to confront several sensitive issues:

As a board-certified specialist in family law, I am positioned to offer experienced guidance as you file for divorce in Huntersville or any of the surrounding communities in North Carolina. I realize your situation is unique and that you have specific goals in mind. I am here to talk to you about what you want to accomplish and lay out a plan of action to accomplish this – so you can face a brighter post-divorce future.

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