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Huntersville Mediator Helps Spouses Resolve Divorce Terms

Experienced North Carolina attorney offers guidance on family law issues

Unlike some legal matters, family law concerns don’t end when a legal decision is delivered. Parties and their children often have to live with the outcome, and each other, for many years to come. Accordingly, it’s not just the decision that matters, but the process you use to get there. At David Self Family Law and Mediation in Huntersville, I am an experienced attorney and certified mediator who helps North Carolina clients resolve difficult issues associated with divorce in a private, comfortable setting.

Neutral third party handles alimony, custody and child support disputes

In family law mediation, I listen to each side’s objectives and their views of what led to the end of their marriage. When warranted, my firm works with the parties to obtain disclosure of information concerning financial matters, parenting concerns and other key points. Once consensus is reached, I can develop a settlement that addresses:

  • Parenting agreements — When a divorce involves children, the primary focus should be on them and their needs. Through careful, compassionate guidance, I help mothers and fathers put aside unnecessary conflicts and forge parenting plans that promote strong, healthy relationships.
  • Financial disputes — Outsiders often don’t understand the value that divorcing spouses place on various assets. Complex issues, such as the allocation of business shares or retirement accounts, can be mishandled without close personal attention. During the mediation process, I take into account each side’s priorities and encourage honest dialogue so that a mutually satisfactory conclusion can be reached.
  • High-conflict divorces — Don’t be misled into thinking that mediation only works if the breakup is amicable or only minor disagreements exist. You can assert your rights and pursue your objectives just as forcefully in this setting without placing decision-making power in the hands of a judge. Instead of adding the procedural disputes and high litigation costs to an already tense situation, I will hone in on the key conflicts and help both sides concentrate on what’s important.

Regardless of the stage you’re at in your divorce, or the particular points of disagreement, my firm can outline how mediation might benefit you and your spouse.

Skillful mediator lets spouses keep control of their divorce process

Using mediation as an alternative to matrimonial litigation gives you the ability to:

  • Protect your privacy — Usually, there are many reasons why a marriage ends, and they often involve private, personal matters that people would never want to talk about in open court. Mediation is confidential. You control where it occurs and how the issues you discuss affect the eventual outcome.
  • Reduce time and costs — The court system is obligated to handle a large amount of cases, which requires extensive scheduling and often leads to long delays while you’re trying to start the next chapter of your life. Mediation can be scheduled quickly and questions of procedure can be addressed in a short conversation rather than in extended motion practice.
  • Avoid unnecessary aggravation — As a family litigator, I know how taking a case to court can aggravate a situation that is already tense. Adversarial proceedings tend to heighten the stress. In mediation, by contrast, spouses, attorneys and the certified neutral third party are all dedicated to a common goal.

My background in North Carolina family law gives me insight into how courts would rule on disputed issues. Using that knowledge, I guide spouses toward a conclusion that is acceptable to everyone.

Contact a North Carolina family law mediator to learn about your options

David Self Family Law and Mediation advocates for North Carolina residents in contested and uncontested divorces. Please call 704-594-5364 or contact me online to schedule a consultation at my office in Huntersville.

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